Go Green with Get Clean

Category: Healthy Home

April is Earthday month… so here is a “Green” Reminder… For quite a few years now we have heard about the need to become “Green.” However, many people are still […]

Healthy Weight HealthChat

Category: Healthy Weight

Would you like to lose weight? Many diets however are not healthy. Some products and programs may claim to work and you may lose weight but can end up hurting your […]


Category: General Comments

We believe: Our health is the result of first taking care of ourselves on the inside with good nutrition, then taking care of what we put on the “outside” with […]

Why a Smoothie Drink?

Category: Healthy Weight

The heart of the Shaklee 180 weight loss program and the long-term health program is the Shaklee Life Energizing Drink.  This is the mix for a daily smoothee – (best […]

Create Your Better Tomorrow

Category: Healthy Finances

Today many people are looking for a way to create a better tomorrow for themselves and their family!  This includes not only financial rewards but also time to do what […]