Why are most people attracted to “lose weight fast” type off diets? I think that many people are looking for a quick fix that will instantly make them be the slim person they want to be but don’t think about the healthy part of that equation. So instead they get stuck on what I call the “diet cycle” – they go from one diet to the next, looking for a magical formula to help them lose weight and they continue to not feel good and possibly cause some long-term damage to their health.

There are people however who do lose the weight they want, keep it off, and have a longer healthier life. What would that type of weight loss program look like? Most nutritionists and those who have had successful weight loss experiences agree that a weight loss program should meet several criteria to help a person to be slim and healthy. Here are 7 criteria to consider:

  • safe – balanced nutritionally and only pure ingredients
  • easy to follow for more than a few days
  • menus call for ingredients that are easy to find
  • family friendly
  • teaches you better eating habits
  • long-term results
  • reasonably priced

The program I found that helped me to be slim and healthy is the Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Program. The Shaklee 180 Program is designed to meet each criterion and why so many people have had successful results on the Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Program. People are finding that they feel good, do not feel deprived, and can still enjoy the food they like.

First you need a safe program. Going on a low-calorie diet is not always healthy because it is difficult to get all the nutrition you need below 2,000 calories. The scientists at Shaklee have developed a nutritionally balanced shake mix and vitamin supplements with all the proper nutrition required. The ingredients are also important. Shaklee products are made with all natural and organic ingredients, so you never have to worry about the quality. You can also be assured that there are none of those unwanted ingredients that can often harm your health.

Shaklee 180 is also easy to follow, good suggested menus that are also family friendly. The reason why I found that the program is easy to follow for more than a few days is because the structure and consistency of knowing what to eat for breakfast and lunch took the guess work out of what to do.  I could start losing weight right away and then learn what I needed to change in my eating habits.  Being able to plan the evening meal gave me enough flexibility to make family friendly meals around the foods we enjoy and to help teach us better eating habits. In addition, I wasn’t hungry and continued to have energy.

I liked the plan too because I found that I could make it work for me long-term. Keeping the weight off is the real goal. I love the Shakes and vitamins and I continued to keep them as part of my daily nutritional routine even after I lost the weight I wanted to lose. I found that the equation of calories eaten vs calories burned can be balanced throughout the week. When I have special occasions or I want to splurge a little on the weekend, I don’t have to feel guilty because I know I can easily go back to the Shaklee program and feel satisfied and not deprived.

I also like the way my body responded to the weight loss. I lost weight where I wanted to. I credit this to the Shaklee Life Plan shake because it is designed to help you to lose fat, not muscle. With most low- calorie diets, you lose both fat and muscle which is not good. Shaklee Life Plan shake has extra “leucine” in it which is the amino acid needed to maintain muscle. When you maintain your muscle, you only lose fat and this also helps you to maintain your energy and metabolism.

So how does “reasonably priced” rate as a criterion for a good program? Most people will not stick to an expensive program. But most everyone can afford to use the Shaklee 180 products. They are reasonably priced especially for a product that has such high quality organic ingredients. When you purchase the total Turnaround Kit, it comes to approximately $3.50 for each of the 2 meals and a snack (less than $10 a day for all 3).

So, if these are the 7 criteria you are looking for, I am confident you also will find that the Shaklee’s 180 weight loss program will measure up.

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