Did you wake up feeling good today?

Many Americans do not have the health and energy they should be experiencing. This is the reason why there is such a high demand for medical care and a high percentage of people who rely on prescription drugs to help them make it through their day both physically and emotionally. There are also those who have found that they have been able to reduce their dependency on medications and instead create a healthier lifestyle.

What would it be like for you to have better health and energy? And how do you get started?

The first step to creating a healthier lifestyle is to recognize what you are currently not doing well and then take steps to move toward your new behaviors.

Below is a brief assessment to help you to begin. This assessment contains 15 statements that are a combination between how you feel and choices you make. These are healthy living habits that have been shown to be closely associated with achieving optimum health and energy.

Then below, the score will give you an idea of your current health level and  suggestions on what you can do to get the health and energy you want.

Healthy Lifestyle Assessment

For each of the following, mark:

5 – always true, 4 – usually, 3 – sometimes, 2 – seldom, 1 – never or don’t know

____ 1. I plan my food menu around the 5 food groups as listed in the suggested food guide pyramid or “food plate.”

____ 2. I eat for nutrition, not taste.

____ 3. I don’t eat at fast food places.

____ 4. I choose meat and dairy products that are low-fat.

____ 5. I don’t add table salt, condiments, and gravies to my foods.

____ 6. I eat healthy snacks rather than processed chips.

____ 7. I eat fruits and vegetables raw that are certified organically grown.

____ 8. I don’t consume caffeine, alcohol, and sodas.

____ 9. I am at my ideal weight.

____ 10. I have not had any colds or flu in the past year

____ 11. I have great energy to get through my day.

____ 12. I am able to exercise on a regular basis without feeling drained.

____ 13. I eat regular, balanced and unhurried meals every day.

____ 14. I do not suffer from heartburn, acid indigestion, constipation, or headaches.

____ 15. I wake up with a positive, energetic attitude to face my day.

Total your score _____

66-75 = Great job! You are on the right track and are enjoying optimum health! You are also probably interested in products that are made from natural and organic source, and scientifically proven to work. We believe in products that are always “safe, always work, and always green.” There are over 100 Medal-winning Olympic Athletes that use only Shaklee products! What can Shaklee do for you?

56-65 = While you generally feel good, you may be able to feel better. Look for ways to modify your habits to more healthy ones. Vitamin supplements may give you the extra boost you need. If you are already taking supplements, changing brands may be the key. Shaklee has been proven to significantly improve health over other supplements (see LandmarkStudy.com)

46-55 = You are probably not feeling well and could use some major changes. Changing habits is not always an easy thing especially when it is our eating habits. Consider supplementing your diet to get your health on track.

Below 45=You may be at a serious point in your health and well-being. Get back to the basics of healthy habits and consider  supplements on a regular basis to boost the healing process.

A program of Shaklee Life Plan or protein shake and their multivitamin supplements can help you to get the nutritional support you need to get better health and energy. Check out Shaklee’s suggested Nutritional Regimens. You can see a significant difference with your health within 30 days.