Do you feel you are as healthy as you would like to be? Here is a short assessment to determine if stress may be robbing you of your health, energy, and productivity.

Think about how you have been feeling over the last month. Answer the following by marking each on this scale:
0 – No or Not really or Not applicable
1 – Some of the time
2 – Most of the time
3 – Constantly
___ 1. Do you feel generally more fatigued and less energetic?
___ 2. Are you noticing a change in your sleep pattern, either difficulty        getting to sleep or oversleeping?
___ 3. Are you forgetting appointments and deadlines or misplacing
personal possessions?
___ 4. Are you getting more irritable, angry and short-tempered with the
people around you?
___ 5. Have you noticed a change in your appetite, either overeating or not
caring about eating?
___ 6. Are you noticing extra physical ailments (colds, headaches, muscle
___ 7. Do you feel like you are working harder and harder, but
accomplishing less?
___ 8. Do you feel less motivated to get up and tackle the challenges of
the day?
Total of score ___________
If your score is:
0-8 You’re doing fine at this time!
9-16 You may be experiencing some stress
17-24 You may be experiencing some serious stress

Did you know that 85-90% of all illnesses today are stress related?

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Please note, this is for informational use and is not meant to be medical or legal advice. Please communicate with your professional medical provider.


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