Today most people look at me and think I was always slim and healthy. However, I struggled with my weight and health for a long time.  

It started when I was a teenager. In high school I remember guys saying they would not date someone who was fat like me. By the time I was in college, I blossomed to a size 14, which was still too tight for me but I refused to buy a larger size!

 My quest began for the perfect plan to lose weight, be attractive, and feel good about myself. I tried all sorts of diets from the Brown Rice diet, the Grapefruit diet, just salads or other low calorie diets. I tried diet pills, vitamin shots, and exercised. I would lose weight and put it back on. It was a constant struggle and I thought I’d never be able to eat normal again. I ended up keeping off only about 5 pounds per year and by the time I was about 24 I did eventually get down to a size 9, but I was still pretty “hefty.” 

 Although I thought I was eating healthy even when I wasn’t dieting, I seemed to be constantly ill.  I had many common difficulties with my health that the TV advertises “remedies” for such as heart burn, digestive problems, aches and pains, thyroid problems, colds, moodiness, depression and lack of energy. I often had to go to the doctor to get penicillin shots to get rid of my colds and laryngitis (today of course you can take pills but not at that time.) I thought these physical problems were “normal.”

Then at 25 I had serious episode with a tubular pregnancy that landed me in the hospital for which I almost died. Later I found out that this is often caused by low thyroid, probably caused by going on so many “bad” diets. The doctors told me I would probably not be able to have children unless I took fertility drugs. I was also put on thyroid medicine. 

 I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and fat. I decided to learn how to take care of myself the healthy way!

 I began learning more about natural remedies and how to have a healthy, balanced diet. I earnestly prayed to the Lord about my health and for Him to help me. It was at that time my pastor’s wife introduced me to Shaklee. I was impressed by Dr. Shaklee’s view on nutrition and why we needed supplements. The Shaklee philosophy of “In Harmony with Nature” was just what I was looking for.

 So I gave the Shaklee products a try. Wow! I was impressed with the improvement in my health and energy just from taking the Instant Protein and Vita Leamultivitamin on a daily basis! Within 30 days I noticed I was feeling better. So I went on to try more of their nutritional supplements and also their natural household cleaners and personal care products! 

 No, I didn’t get to my ideal weight or get healthy overnight, but over a period of time I noticed things improving.  I no longer had so many aches and pains. My immune system improved so rarely had colds and laryngitis. I was no longer hungry all the time. 

 When I was 30 years old, I agreed to go on a “fun run” with some of my coworkers. Previously I hated running, but for some reason I went even though I was thinking I’d be in pain for days afterwards, but I was not. My recovery time was very short and I decided to try it again. I continued running for the next 26 years. While I know running is not for everyone, I fell in love with running. I experienced a lot of benefits from running. In particular was that I was able to actually get rid of my bouts of depression. If it had not been for Shaklee, I may have ever experienced this. 

 Then I experienced the greatest blessing of my life. At age 32 I found out I was pregnant ! At first, my doctor wanted me to take his prenatal supplements. I told him that I wanted to continue taking the Shaklee supplements and promised I would switch if he found I was not healthy. I never had to switch. I had a healthy pregnancy, no hemorrhoids, only occasional heartburn, and I had a natural delivery. Then at 34, I found out I was pregnant again and again I had a healthy pregnancy and delivery. 

 And what about my weight? I was able to get back to a healthy weight in a reasonable amount of time after each pregnancy. I followed Shaklee’s weight loss program and I got down to a size 6!

 It has now been over 40 years since I started using Shaklee. I do not take any medication (yes, I no longer have to take the thyroid medication), I have tremendous health and energy, a great immune system (I rarely get a cold), and still wear a size 6. 

 Being slim and healthy and the blessing of my children and now 6 grandchildren have meant more to me than anything else in life. I thank the Lord every day for leading me to Shaklee and the wisdom of what to do. And I am just one of the great testimonials out there for taking Shaklee products on a long-term basis. There are thousands of other people who also have a great testimony. There are also scientific studies that verify that long-term Shaklee users are healthier, in particular is one called the Landmark Study

 Are you struggling with your weight and/or health? Wouldn’t it be worth a try to see what Shaklee products can do for you to help you feel better? Contact me today and let’s get you started on a program that could make you slim and healthy for life!