Are you considering starting an in-home business? Today many people would like to have their own business but do not have the money to invest or do not want the traditional small business “headaches.” So instead they are looking to home-based businesses and MLM opportunities. Today there are many options to choose from, but before you decide, check out these top 5 reasons why so many people chose the Shaklee business opportunity to partner with in order to build a successful business and income goal.

 #1. The Product:

It is important to get in a business opportunity with a solid product behind it. This creates credibility and long-term customers. 

Shaklee has 3 lines of products – nutrition, personal care, and household products – because each of these contribute to creating a healthier life.

Shakle products are “consumable” items that are used by families every day, thus this is a repeat business

Shaklee products are known for their purity of ingredients and quality of processing. They have an over 60-year history and reputation to be safe, green, and always work.

 Here are just a few impressive facts about their products:

  • While some companies claim that their products work, Shaklee has scientific proof that our nutritional regimens are more effective than other products or those who just eat a healthy diet. (see the Landmark Study.) 
  • Over 135 Gold Medal Olympic athletes use Shaklee supplements because of the purity and contribution to their energy and workout efforts.
  • Shaklee has won numerous environmental awards, such as the Stevie Award and the Climate Neutral Award.
  • Clinical studies on 200 people for their Youth Anti-aging program showed 100% improve in the “age” of their skin. 

#2. Income 

 It is easy to get excited about Shaklee products once you try them and see for yourself that you can get incredible results that they say you will. People are looking for a way to get the benefits of what the Shaklee products offer. 

Dr. Shaklee wanted to reward those who introduced others to their products. So instead of advertising traditional methods, Shaklee takes that money and returns it to distributors in a variety of bonuses and other benefits. 

 Bonuses and price differential are the main ways to earn money, but there are several other ways to earn extra income

Other benefits such as bonus car payments, incentive trips to exotic places. Passive income – the goal is to create long-term customers. The average length of time for a Shaklee customer is 25-45 years. How would you like to earn an income on the products purchased each month by your repeat customers for the next 25+ years? I personally have used Shaklee products for 40 years.

 #3. Freedom

 Today many people are on a fixed income. Many of those are unhappy in their current job and feel stuck in their situations. Others would like to work from home to have more time for family and other interests. So often creating a good customer base may be done at your own pace. With a Shaklee business you can:

  •    Be your own boss – no time clock or mandatory work hours. In fact, this business can be built with as little as 12-20 hours a week.
  •  Develop and use your talents and get recognition. While you are in business for yourself, you are not in business by yourself. There is plenty of help and recognition from others in Shaklee. 

 #4. Tax Breaks

 Although the tax allowances do change each year, the concept is that when you have an in-home business part of your mortgage/rent and utilities become a tax deduction. There are several others such as meals, entertainment, and office supplies. Check with your CPA for the most recent tax advantages. 

#5. Reputation of the Company

While there are some similarities between the different home-based businesses and MLM companies in the industry today, it is important to find a company that has a firm foundation and a positive future for growth.

  • Shaklee has an over 60-year history of quality products and ethical business practices.
  • Under the guidance and long term vision of our CEO Roger Barnett, Shaklee is positioned to grow and continue to be a successful company.  Shaklee has a firm financial foundation in order to continue to do research to keep their  products and business practices on the cutting edge in a competitive industry.

 Would you like to have your own home-based business and partner with a company with these types of criteria?  Contact me today to set a time to get together so I can share with you the first steps to get started.